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Agricultural Double Barrel Manual Seeder Balwaan S-2

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Product# MDB1GEGTS2

Introducing the Double Barrel Manual Seeder - Perfect for Efficient Farming in India

- The Balwaan S-2 Manual Seeder is a revolutionary farming tool designed to optimise productivity in cultivated soil, particularly sandy soil. This versatile seeder is compatible with a wide range of seeds, including wheat, corn, peanut, beans, cotton, and more.

- With the Balwaan S-2 Manual Seeder, you can fertilize and sow simultaneously, allowing for efficient and streamlined farming practices. It offers adjustable settings for seed quantity, fertilizer quantity, and sowing depth, giving you complete control over the seeding process.

- Using this seeder is effortless. Simply position it accurately, and it will provide you with the exact seed count you require. The seeder drum is fully removable, facilitating easy cleaning and troubleshooting.

Model : MTAK-MA-HA-5310
Brand : Balwaan
Warranty :
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Product Description

  • Lightweight and Eco-friendly: This seeder is designed to be lightweight and environmentally friendly, reducing strain on the user and minimising ecological impact.
  • High Sowing Capacity: With the ability to sow 8000-10000 seeds per day, the Balwaan S-2 Manual Seeder enables rapid and efficient planting, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Superior Efficiency: Experience 4-5 times greater efficiency compared to other manual seeders, maximising your farming output and yielding better results.
  • Dual Functionality: This seeder performs both manuring and seeding operations simultaneously, optimising the use of time and resources.
  • Quick Planting: The double barrel assembly allows for quick and simultaneous planting of seeds and fertilisers, simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency.
  • Adjustable Planting Pattern: Ensure precise and accurate plantation at the assigned location with the Balwaan S-2 Manual Seeder's adjustable planting pattern, eliminating guesswork and achieving consistent results.

Technical Details

Brand                                    :  Balwaan 

 Type                                     :  Manual Seeder cum Fertilizer

Model                                    :  S-2

Model type                            : Double Barrel

Color                                      : White

Material                                  : Plastic

Operator (person)                   :  1
                                    :31 inches

Width                                      : 6 inches


Weight                                     : 2.5 kg (Approx)

Suitable for                              : Planting Dry Seedsrnlike that of Sunflower, Watermelon & Pumpkin Etc.

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