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Ramchand on 31 Dec, 2020
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Good Product

Ravi A.
Ravi A. on 02 Dec, 2020
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Great Lightweight and portable machine.

Vikram C.
Vikram C. on 08 Jun, 2021
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Machine is good but their service is excellent. This was the first weeder in our location. Their support team provided Assembling Video of the weeder as well for us. Delivery was also within 5 days. Recommended to other people in our locality as well.

Srinivas S.
Srinivas S. on 05 Oct, 2021
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Had a very nice experience! Came across the website through Facebook so I was very unsure about the authenticity of the products, but got tracking id after placing order & have been using for 3 months. Will definitely order again

M.L.Negi on 03 Apr, 2022
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Good Product at the given price, More than the product their service is great as they delivered in my area in Kinnaur(Himachal) where normal websites doesn't giver services.

R. Negi
R. Negi on 23 Mar, 2022
Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars

Good Machine and prices are amazing. Got Free Delivery and they delivered in my hometown. Staff was also very helpful is suggesting machine for my use.

R. Tiwari
R. Tiwari on 08 Mar, 2022
Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars

I have been using machine for 2 months now. Honda machines good. Comes with warranty and got a call from their mechanic helped me to assemble machine. Great service.

Lokesh D.
Lokesh D. on 15 Jun, 2021
Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars

Good value for money! Very happy with the product Received my product in 4days . They even suggested machine according to my use.

Manikaran R.
Manikaran R. on 27 Oct, 2021
Stars Stars Stars Stars Stars

Good MAchine, Engine is really good. Great website.

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Why should we include Machines in agriculture activities?

India is an agricultural-dependent country. Due to its climate varieties, it is very sustainable for farming. Almost 70% of the revenue is generated by the agriculture methods in our country. Our country supports and encourages agriculture and farmers, so we should take every possible step to promote agricultural activities. In India our ancestors have done farming for a very long time; hence we are not unaware of agricultural methods. But our methods are very old and tiring, It needs a lot of manpower and time to complete the whole process. Sometimes due to lack of technical help, we lead to a loss in the agricultural sector.  

According to today’s scenario demand, agricultural activities need to be modernized. The old methods used by our ancestors are effective and amazing but not efficient; they take a lot of time and manpower. Since our economy also depends on agriculture, so, we need to upgrade our farming methods with the touch of technology. We should use smart machines in farming which will make the work of farmers more convenient. Machines are a great help in every field. They make our work smarter and easier. It provides us an accurate amount of work that we need. So including machines in our farming process will give a hike in the progress of the agricultural department and make it more proficient. It will also improve the quality of crops which we will be growing.

To get a good farming and gardening experience, we need to use good and high-quality machines. Using the best performance product is very important for a greatly satisfying experience. Machinery Dukaan is one of the top finest sites which provide great quality products to its customers with a commitment to excellence. MACHINERY DUKAAN offers a wide range of equipments-including general machinery to agriculture & construction equipment as well. Machinery dukaan provides different products of various categories. Like,


Agriculture Equipment: Here machinery Dukaan provides a wide range of machines which is very helpful in agricultural activities. You can find huge or tiny machines according to your need.

There are different types of agricultural equipment:

  • Power weeder
  • Brush Cutters
  • Sprayers
  • Pump set
  • Chainsaw
  • Earth Auger
  • Fogging Machine
  • Accessories

Engines: Machinery Dukaan provides a wide range of engines that produces energy that is used for various purposes.

      There are different types of engines available:  

  • Petrol Engine – Petrol Driven Engine Also Known as Gasoline Engine.
  •  Diesel Engine – Diesel Driven Engine.
  •  Electric Motor – Driven by Electricity


Engines are used in various fields, like, In Agricultural field, it is used in Power weeder, Power sprayer, Brushcutter, Lawnmower, Chainsaw, Water pump sets, Earth auger, etc. In the Construction field, it is used as Vibrators, Plate Compactors, Rammer, Rollers, Concrete Cutters, Scrred, Power Trowel, Etc. In the Fire department, it is used in Portable Fire Pumps, Fire Pumps. Etc.

Machinery Dukaan provides engines from the world’s best companies to help you in getting the best experience such as Honda Engine, Briggs and Stratton EngineVanguard EngineYeoman EngineGreaves EngineIndustrial EnginePortable Fire pump Engine,  Etc.

All the series engine comes with 2YEAR WARRANTY.

Construction Equipment: Machinery Dukaan also provides a wide range of machines that are used for the purpose of construction activities. You can get every type of machine you need.

There are different categories of construction equipment:  There is different categories in the garden equipment:

  • Vibrators

  • Lawn Mower
  • Garden Tools
  • Hedge Trimmer

Generators: Machinery Dukaan provides a wide range of generator which converts Mechanical energy into Electrical energy. A Generator or a Genset helps in generating electricity in the places where the power supply is not present for machinery like construction sites, railway sites, road construction sites, etc., or as a backup at homes, societies, offices, schools, colleges, etc.

Machinery Dukaan Provides Generators from World’s best companies to help you in getting the best experience such as Honda generator, Briggs & Stratton generatorVanguard generator, Yeoman, Kirloskar generator  Etc.

Air Compressor: Machinery Dukaan also provides air compressors that compress the air in a small container by applying pressure, and then this compressed air is used as pressure energy as it’s released.

Car Washer: machinery Dukaan also provides a high-pressure car washer which through a high-powered jet of water and strong detergents to cleans the car. No direct touch is included in this process which avoids any type of scratches on the car.

By these categories, you can easily find your product of interest easily. Machinery Dukaan also provides detailed features of the product so that customers can easily differentiate between the different products and can decide easily, which type of machine they need!
Machinery Dukaan is serving its customers for more than 50 years; it is committed to providing cost-effective offers which are easily available for its customers. Machinery Dukaan focuses on eliminating all the third parties like retailers and wholesalers in the process of purchase, it believes in the direct relationship of the customer and the factory. It directly provides the product to the customers from the factory which makes the product cheaper than other dealers. Machinery Dukaan upgrades its services according to the preferences of its customers, its updated system now offers services at your doorstep all across the PAN-India. Machinery Dukaan is committed now more than ever to doing its part and technology is at the heart of its approach.
Machinery Dukaan ensures to use latest and high-tech technology devices with great performance. It is always ready to serve customers and gives its best for the satisfaction of the customers. Customer satisfaction is the motto of Machinery Dukaan and giving the finest services to its customer, valuing their trust is the highest priority. Being in the field of machines for more than 5 decades have made machinery Dukaan gain the loyalty of its customers and be able to serve them better

  1. Vibrator Needle Shaft/ Poker
  2. Surface Tray 
  3. Rammer
  4. Concrete Cutters
  5. Bar Cutting
  6. Bar Bending
  7. Rollers
  8. Screed
  9. Power Trowel
  10. Fire Pumps

Garden Equipment: Machinery Dukaan provides a wide range of wolf garden products for gardening activities. WOLF-Garten is the brand since 1922, which provides total agriculture solutions for field care, soil and cultivation, tree and bush care, and general garden maintenance.

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