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Brush Cutter / Grass Cutter also known as a paddy Cutting machine.

Brush Cutter can be used for

- Trimming or Cutting down Grass Effortlessly

- It can Cut through Dense long Grass

-Trimming down Weeds and Small tree Branches

- Cutting Paddy Crops 

- Cit Narrow tree Trunks as well

Brush cutter comes of various types

2-Stroke – Powered by 2 Stroke Engine

4-Stroke – Powered by 4 Stroke Engine


We at Machinery Dukaan Try to provide you Brush Cutters from the best Companies all around the world such as Honda, Rover, Makita, Yeoman, Kisankraft, Krishi Yantra Etc. 

Kishankraft Brush Cutter is widely used in All over India Specially in Places such as  UP, Rajasthan, MP, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh,   Bihar, Jammu, And Kashmir (J&K)   Etc.

Best Brush Cutter is very easy to assemble and use.


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