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Kisan Craft is a manufacturer, designer, importer and distributor of affordable farm equipments suited to the needs of small and marginal farmers. We have over 300 models of small machinery, covering all major farming operations. Our products are approved by FMTTI and listed by most of the states under subsidy programs for agricultural mechanization.

Who We are ?

Kisan Craft is a certified manufacturer, wholesale importer and distributor of high quality agricultural equipment with a focus on improving the quality of life of small-holding marginal farmers, enabling them to increase their earnings, crop yields and civilized areas. helps to do. In a short span of time, kisankraft Htp Sprayers  has become one of the most reputed and trusted companies in the segment with a pan-India presence. KisanCraft has a pan India distribution network consisting of 3000 dealers, 16 offices, 14 service centers, owned central warehouse in Bangalore and 12 warehouses across India.

Our strength is good quality products (field tested with Indian farmers and agricultural universities), backed by excellent service along with ready-in-stock spare parts. As part of our commitment to farmers, we continuously improve our products to match Indian agricultural conditions. We currently have 380 different SKUs which includes Sprayer, Water Pump, Engine, Reaper, Inter-cultivator, Garden Tools, Pressure Washer, Harvester, Trans-Planter, Sheller, Chaff Cutter etc. Most of the products are manufactured to our specifications, and are sold under our own brands. Farmer Craft, Farmboy. Our products are made by some of the best in its class OEM manufacturers, providing us with the high quality products.

Power sprayer pumps are known to be an easy and green alternative in the market due to their fuel efficiency. Usefulfor high pressurespraying, ideal for orchards and high terrains, light weight and compactconstruction.Http pump sprayer is suitable for use in prevention of plant diseases and controlling pests in large It is a piece of agricultural equipment that is powerful and capable of producing large amounts of pressure with ease. Really Http sprayer pump is a heavy –duty sprayer used for agricultural and horde cultural purpose.

What is a HTP Power Sprayer?

HTP Power Sprayer is an agricultural and landscaping device used for spraying fertilizer over plants, grass, creepers, and shrubs. Using this power sprayer, you can improve crop productivity to a large extent. Users can use it for spraying pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, etc. as well in the fields.

HTP sprayer is a horizontal triple piston pump with brass head, mainly used for uniform spraying with high pressure all over the operation land; it is used for multipurpose like commercial usage and agricultural usage. Its main benefit is having long operation life and power efficiency.


A sprayer is a device used to spray a liquid, where sprayers are commonly used for projection of water, weed killers, crop performance materials, pest maintenance chemicals, as well as manufacturing and production line ingredients.

A high-pressure horizontal triple piston sprayer (HTP sprayer) is used for uniform spraying with high pressure over a large area. It is suitable for both commercial and agricultural applications. 

While sprayers were once a niche product, today sprayers have become an essential piece of farm equipment for effective crop production. By properly applying chemicals to control weeds, insects, and diseases, you give your crop the best chance for high yields.




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