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A plate compactor is a machine used to compact the surface whether it is soil, sand, stones, concrete, etc. It is generally used at Construction sites.

Types of  Plate Compactors

Petrol Plate Compactor – It is Driven by Petrol Engine

Diesel Plate Compactor – It is driven by Diesel Engine

Electric  motor Plate Compactor – It is driven by an Electric Motor

We at Machinery Dukaan Provide Our Customers Concrete Plate Compactors from World’s best Companies to help you grow such as Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard, Yeoman, Greaves, WackerNeuson  Etc.

Our Best Plate Compactor is widely used in All over India Specially in Places such as  UP, Rajasthan, MP, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh,  Bihar, Jammu, And Kashmir,  (J&K),  Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra  Etc.

What does a Plate compactor do ?

A plate compactor can be used to compact the Light soil.asphalt and  sub- base on driveways and parking lots, as well as to repair them , they are useful tight.Light soilcompactingequipment vibrating plate compactor jumping jack. A plate compactor is a construction machine used to compress soil and different types of gravel or stone. Light inweight and compact machines having high force, Low & high.

What is a Plate Compactor ?

plate compactor is used to compress some types of soil and gravel for construction projects that require a stable subsurface. Plate compactors come in many different designs with different accessories, though the major features are stable.

Plate compactors are good for compacting granular soils such as gravel, sand, stone dust and 2A aggregates . They can also be used on cobblestones and paving blocks.

A plate compactor is a compaction machine used for construction projects that require compaction. Whether you're laying a concrete slab, building a patio or backfilling a trench, plate compactors are required to compact your foundation material.

Generally speaking, a trash compactor functions with a large “ram” that compresses the trash down. The ram is a metal piece of that sits above the trash. The operator or user will load up the trash compactor with whatever applicable waste there is and once secured, will activate the ram and the compacting will begin.





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