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SPRAY GUNS, Hydra Pistal Gun High Pressure

We are supplying a wide range of agricultural spray gun offered range is used for spraying in farms and fields .these product are superior in quality. High performance and are available is various sizes.

It used for spraying apply such as m/s spraying, droplet spraying and pressurespraying or various crops, vegetable& fruits. Such as apple, crop fields, coconut, orange, mango etc.

The spray gun, developed originally from the air brush, isused for less delicate work, such applying lacquers,paints, varnishes, and other finishes to manufactured articles. Spray guns are available as stationary equipment for painting automobiles, furniture and appliance.

How to Clean Spray Guns ?

It gives consistent water flow in all directions and positions. Also provides an extreme water-tight seal, making the nozzles leak-free. For just cleaning, the gun does not need to be dismantled or take out into pieces. It requires easy cleaning using the solution or the mild detergent


In agriculture, a sprayer is a piece of equipment that is used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers on agricultural crops.

A pressure regulator is one of the most important parts of a sprayer. It controls the pressure and therefore the quantity of spray material delivered by the nozzles. It protects pump seals, hoses, and other sprayer parts from damage due to excessive pressure, and it bypasses excess spray material back to the tank.

While sprayers were once a nice product, today sprayers have become an essential piece of farm equipment for effective crop production. By properly applying chemicals to control weeds, insects, and diseases, you give your crop the best chance for high yields.17/09/22.



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