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What is a Knapsack Sprayer? 

A knapsack is a type of sprayer that dispenses liquid by means of a hand-held nozzle that is attached to a pressurized reservoir placed on the operator's back. For example, knapsack sprayers can be used to apply liquids such as fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides, and are suitable for spot treatment areas.

Method Knapsack Sprayers India:

- Assemble your sprayer (if new) following the manufacturer's instructions.

 - Make sure you are fully prepared with appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including rubber boots, coveralls, gloves, and a face shield.

- Make sure the Knapsack sprayer is calibrated for the required dosage - see our guide on how to calibrate a sprayer.

- Fill the spray tank with the required amount of water, we recommend that you always read and follow the manufacturer's label and directions prior to use and the recommended rate of use.

- Measure the required chemical in a mixing jug in a safe environment. If the chemical container is new and sealed with foil, simply turn the cap upside down, press down on the seal of the foil, and twist to remove.


- Mix the chemical with water in the sprayer. We recommend not to mix more than necessary.

- The Triple rinse the measuring jug.

- Shake the sprayer to make sure the liquid is completely mixed.

- Now you are ready to spray. Lay the sprayer on your back and adjust until comfortable.

 PPE personal protective equipment should always be worn when using a knapsack sprayer. This includes overalls, rubber boots, chemical-resistant gloves, and a face shield.


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